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Apple Brand Leather Conditioner is safe to use on most leathers, including leather briefcases, duffels, shoes, boots, apparel and furniture. It is formulated to gently clean, condition and preserve leather. and is safe on most light colored leather and should not darken finished leather.

FAQ on Using Apple Brand Leather

Q- How do I apply Apple Brand Leather Conditioner?
A - Using a smooth dry cloth, apply a dime-sized amount of conditioner on the leather and rub gently.

Q- Can I use Apple Brand on suede leather?
A - No. It will ruin suede. Brush with a stiff brush to clean and condition suede.

Q - Will Apple Brand conditioner strip the color off my leather?
A - Usually not. But it is a good idea to test the conditioner on a hidden part of your leather to make sure.

Q - Can I use it on a light colored leather? Will it darken the leather?
A - Usually not. But do test it first on a hidden area just to make sure.